Welcome to Vik-Gedeo Development

Education is the key for development. Education is a key for a nations and world's peaceful life; it can provide equality, it is a solution for most problems we have today. Education surpasses Religion, Politics, Culture and Family.  

Vik-gedeo project to Vik-Gedeo Development

We have changed our name from Vik-Gedeo Project to Vik-Gedeo Development. We are now officially registered in Norway as nonprofit able humanitarian organization since December 2014. This will help us to expand our activities even more and to have more official links with similar organization. Now we have a board that watch the overall activities and make necessary decisions. The board has 5 members. Erling Vik : Chair man, Sveinung Vatnedalen: member, Anne Kristin Sola Vatnedlen: member, Gerd Lillian Vik: member, Oddbjørg Innvær Vik: member

Olav Martin vik: Secretary, Mengesha A. Shetta: Coordenator, Anne-Kari Vik: Communication

Strengthen the security.

As our work continues and we welcome new students to the dormitory, we are starting to strengthen the security of our compound. We have currently 4 guards in the compound.

 Vik-Gedeo Development board has decided to change the existing wire fence by concrete (break wall) fence. In October 28.2015 we have started the construction. This construction is estimated to coast 200,000;- Eth Birr or 10,000;- USD. This bring more safety to our students.


New Administration Establishment

Our new phase is to administrate and plan the long term sustainability of the dormitory. To achieve these goals we have now hired 5 workers. One manager, one social worker and three guards are now working full time. 

Netsanet (Vik-gedeo development representative) & Mr. Yonas Wakayeh signing employment contract in December 2014.

Yonas is a nurse in profession and has been working as a head of at health station in Gedeo Zon.

He studied health officer at Dilla University.

We welcome him and looking forward to work with him closely. 

Construction Completed & the dormitory is officially open. 

We have opened the project officially in September 2013.  On the opening Gerd Lillian & Oddbjørg cut the riven with Firenesh Mekurya Women, Children and Youth Affairs State Minister. The was 9 delegates from Norway on the cerimony. 

The picture shows the construction in progress and the worker in action.

Samson and his friend are volunteers to help us by controlling the project as external Auditors and they have been in Dilla to control the project work in 01 - July – 2011. Samson Mengestu is a construction Engineer and his friend is an accountant. They live in Addis Ababa.

Controll the construction quality in 01 - July – 2011. Samson Mengestu is a construction Engineer and his friend is an accountant. They live in Addis Ababa.

 Supervising the construction by Engineer Samson.                            The foundation work in Progress.                                                          The construction in progress      

Meteke our motivation!                                                               

This girls name is Meteke Gebeyehu. She started school and attended for three years but her parents stopped her 
because of economic and social reasons.

We met her not far from Dilla town (10 min driving) and interviewed her. She used to go to school until her father told her that he don’t have enough money to send her and her two brothers to school. She wants to continue but she doesn’t have any chance to continue. Her sister got married before she finishes her school at grade 8. Meteke fear that she will have the same fate as her sister, and cried for help to continue on her education.

She got education for three years and stopped, and we tried to talk to her father but he was not home at the time.

This is what Meteke said to me when I asked her what education mean for her; ‘It is everything for me and the future path to my dream’ and tears came out of her eyes.This is one of many Gedeo girls who don’t have the chance to see the light through education.

Education is the key to open the door for development and Sustainable growth!