Vik-Gedeo Development is a non-governmental organization working on mainly on girl’s education in Ethiopia. We are focusing on facilitating education possibility to girls who are not able to continue their education at secondary/high school.

There are many girls who are not able to continue their secondary/high school education because of family economic situation, luck of education facility in rural areas, cultural obstacles and so on. According to the study done Gedeo people in south Ethiopia by Gedeo Development Association family’s economic situation is one of the biggest factors for many girls dropping out from completing their education and join higher level institutes. The study also show that the biggest challenge for many families who are willing to send their children to towns to continue their education is house rent expense and security. Therefore, we build dormitory and all necessary facility within it to provide the girls secured and housing. By providing safe shelter free of charger the students will be able to continue their education of secondary/high school and join higher level education.

At the moment we have built the first dormitory which accommodates 48 students. Students are selected from all over Gedeo Zone. Those students who get place in our dormitory are automatically gets place at Dilla high school. The dormitory is located in Dilla town SNNPRS South Ethiopia.

We work in collaboration with Gedeo Development Association (GDA), Dilla high school, Gedeo Zone women and youth bureau and Dilla University.


Where there is educated society development is inevitable!