Who are we

History of Vik-Gedeo Development

It all started with two good friends from a place called Vik in East of Norway. This two long time good friends dedicated their 50th year birthday party to a project work in Ethiopia and we communicated GDA. They gave us our first project working on building a dormitory for girls to continue the higher education.

Then, these two families contribute money from friends and relatives on the party and gave it to this project and we start our cooperation with GDA.

The name Vik Gedeo comes from; Vik is where the two families live in Norway and Gedeo are the people whom we are targeting.

We are none profitable, none religious and not political group. Our aim is to bring education to all.

After the finish the construction of the dormitories successfully, we change the structure of our organizational structure to accommodate our ever expands work load more effectively. Now we have the managing responsibility and planning long term sustainability. Now we structure board which over sees the activities and a general assembly in Norway.

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